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I will have to finish this page! At this time it is pretty bad...

AFTP is a fully functional client FTP library and tool. This tool can be used to send and receive files in the background (just like ncftp). The main difference is that the complete FTP protocol was created in a library which can therefore be reused in any other software (other than the aftp and aftpcp tools coming with this package).

The entire project was written in C. It uses amake to be compiled (see http://amake.sourceforge.net). It is pretty small and it doesn't require any specific package (the usual libc + proper Unix like networking).

At this time, the library and tools compile perfectly under Linux and IRIX (SGI). I will very much appreciate if someone can help to include a configure script to enable this project to work on many other systems (such as Sun, MS-Windows, etc.)

I will certainly add support for C++ (in the library) in order to have an object which can be used to connect to an FTP server. This would ease development of C++ projects which need to support a client FTP.

What's missing? A very few FTP commands are missing. Those pretty much no one uses. Also, a complete documentation would be really useful (thought the FTP commands are rather easy to understand!) And possibly some support for encoded FTP connections (kerberos, etc.)

This page was last modified on Oct 28 2003.